Anna Heinrich is Kyle’s right hand woman and the voice of reason on his new TV show Trial By Kyle and today she joined the Kyle and Jackie O show to share some show secrets.

She told us that she loved being part of the show because it gave her the perfect balance between her life as a criminal lawyer and the entertainment world.

“I had such a good time,” Anna told us about filming the show. “For me, I still practice but I’m only in there one day a week and then so it’s a really good combination of being able to keep my foot in the legal area but then also in the entertainment industry.

“This is the perfect mix for me.

Trial By Kyle sees our very own Kyle Sandilands act as the judge in his very own courtroom, while Anna acts as his trusty advisor.

It began as a one off episode for Channel 10’s pilot week last year before being picked up and turned into a complete series.

Some of the cases that are brought before Kyle’s court can be weird, whacky and hilarious, with Anna telling us that the funniest part is the characters that walk through the courtroom doors.


“That’s the funniest part, I think it’s more the characters that come on the show,” she told us.

“They are very unique. They’re all really different. We have drag queens on fighting over choreography and they have a dance off. There’s so many good cases.”

But it turns out that it’s not all fun and games in Kyle’s courtroom! The pair actually told our listeners about one very shocking case that they had to deal with that we’ll see play out later in the series.

The case in particular actually ended up being one of Kyle’s favourites!

“My favourite on Trial By Kyle is the UltraTune guy,” Kyle revealed this morning.


“Oh that was really unexpected,” added Anna. “So we had the CEO of Ultra Tune come in and it took almost a little bit of a nasty turn and I think we were all shocked.”

“So there was a woman who was suing him for the ads being too sexist,” Anna continued to explain.

The ads in question have been on TV quite recently, such as the one featuring Charlie Sheen where he acts as a hero to some damsels in distress.

“I was kind of shocked but then like I kind of got scared,” Anna added. “It was a really worrying case, and you’ll see why. We had a feminist, we had his ex girlfriend in, his new girlfriend.”

“He was saying that they’re a male skewed company and they think the ads are funny and I think the ads are funny, but it’s the way that the guy was auditioning the girls and where he was auditioning them,” Kyle said.


“It was all the personal details that sort of came out about his life and we were shocked,” said Anna.

This particular case doesn’t air until a little later in the season but we’re so intrigued now we can’t wait to watch it!

Trial By Kyle premieres TONIGHT at 8:30pm on Channel 10! Make sure you tune in!