Dirty Dancing is one of the most enduring movies of all time, and Channel Seven are about to use it to tickle our nostalgia button.

Not by having a weekend marathon screening of the movie (would watch), but with their new show, The Real Dirty Dancing.

Here’s what the go is:

Eight Aussie celebs will undergo an ‘immersive Dirty Dancing experience’.

They’ll travel to ‘Kellerman’s Resort’ in the US, where Dirty Dancing was filmed, to “revisit key locations and moments and learn the iconic dance routines from the movie.”

So, what’s the point of all this?


The goal for the celebrities is to be picked to perform as Baby and Johnny in a one-off theatre performance back in Australia.

Yep, they’ll need to recreate the final dance to (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life – including the lift.

Under the guidance of choreographers Todd McKenney and Kym Johnson, here’s who’ll be dancing dirty on the dancefloor, the log, in the lake and more…

Hugh Sheridan, actor                       

Anne Edmonds, comedian


Firass Dirani, actor                          

Anna Heinrich, media personality

Jamie Durie, presenter                     

Jessica Rowe, journalist

Jude Bolton, AFL commentator       

Stephanie Rice, retired Olympic swimmer


To be honest, we wanna know who’ll dance the Pechanga with Neil.

We’ll keep you posted on start date.