Holy freaking hell! If you thought that the Bachelor Finale, where Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins picked none of the girls, was a shock, just wait until you hear what the two dumpees Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman had to say about it.

Brit and Soph joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to dish all on the that seriously depressing ending and on all of their feelings towards Nick now when they revealed a major insider secret.

It all went down during the second half of the interview when we took listener questions and one caller asked Brit and Soph about the theory running around Australia at the moment that no one was picked because Nick was still in love with Brooke.

“I was wondering if you girls actually think that Brooke was supposed to be the actual winner?” asked listener James.

In case you missed the episode before the finale, Brooke Blurton had been one of the major frontrunners on the show, with many convinced that she was going to win. However, during the rose ceremony, Brooke made the decision to walk out, telling Nick she didn’t feel like he was reciprocating her feelings.


After Nick then went on to break up with both Brittany and Sophie in the next episode, resulting in no happy couple at the end, everyone pretty much assumed that it was because he was still hung up on Brooke.

But according to Brittany and Sophie, this was not the case at all. And they told Kyle and Jackie O that the rest of Australia would agree with them if they had seen the scene from The Bachelor that had been CUT OUT!!

HOOLEY DOOLEY THIS IS JUICY!! One tiny scene that was cut from the night that Brooke left changes absolutely EVERYTHING!

“There’s so much speculation in that, but I guess there’s a lot you guys don’t see and Nick is like an animal, the man cannot be produced, he cannot be controlled, he makes his own rules,” said Brittany.


“I guess it comes down to, Brooke’s such a beautiful human, but it comes down to if Nick wanted anyone there, Brooke, Cass, or any girl they would be there.”

So basically if Nick had really felt a true connection with Brooke and wanted her to stay right until the end, he would’ve found a way to make her stay. But this was when Soph jumped in and revealed an absolute doozy.

“And yeah there was a scene unfortunately that you weren’t shown, you know, it kind of hurts at the end of the day also,” revealed Sophie. “After Brooke had decided to leave he did come and speak to both of us individually and he said, ‘This is exactly how I wanted it to be’.

“He looked us in the eyes and said, ‘It was always you that was meant to be coming with me to finale’. So unless he’s lying to our faces, which I just don’t think it’s in his nature to do that,” she added.

NOMYGOD! So this means that nope, Brooke was not meant to be the girl at the end! And actually it just means that Nick really had no real reason to spectacularly dump both Brit and Soph at the end…And now we’re even more angry than before!

We know it’s early but seriously, someone pass the wine…