For the second time this week the sun has developed a giant hole.

This hole is so large you could fit 20 Earth’s inside of it. The coronal hole is now unleashing solar winds of 2.9 million km/h towards Earth’s, which will affect everyone Friday.

Scientists are now monitoring the situation to assess if the winds will impact the Earth’s magnetic fields and satellites, which could have the potential for knock-on effects on the internet, mobile phone networks and GPS.

“Coronal holes are magnetically open areas that are one source of the high-speed solar wind,” NASA says.

“They appear dark when viewed in many wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, such as seen here. At times, the solar wind can generate aurora at higher latitudes on Earth.”

NASA ensures coronal holes are usually harmless as they usually occur near the sun’s poles, which are cooler and less dense.

NASA has captured both holes that have appeared this week, with the first occurring on March 23.

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