As petrol prices continue to soar, some crafty Aussie’s have revealed the secret techniques they use to save money on fuel.

With petrol prices at a ten-year high, a survey of over 1,000 drivers has shown how their sneaky tips help reduce how much they spend on petrol.

The survey by found that 13% of Australians try to fill their tanks mid-week when prices are at their lowest, while four per cent use apps to help them hunt down the cheapest petrol. 

Incredibly, one in twelve Australians have taken the drastic step of actually abandoning their cars and now either walk or cycle instead.

Another four per cent have started using ride sharing apps like Uber and Taxify to save money.

And in a sad sign of the times, seven per cent chose to stay at home and miss events or appointments rather than pay for expensive petrol.

Kate Browne, Personal Finance Expert for Finder revealed:


‘With the public holiday in Victoria on Friday, in New South Wales, ACT, Queensland and South Australia on Monday and school holidays, many families may be forced to reconsider their getaway plans after they’ve factored in the cost of fuel,’ she said.

Ms Browne also gave some tips herself:

‘Opting for public transport or ride-sharing services to get you from A to B could be kinder on both your hip pocket and the environment,’

According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum data analysed by, the national average price of unleaded petrol rose 0.6 cents last week to 152.8 cents a litre.

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