Is your friends’ advice just not cutting it lately? Welp, maybe it’s time to start relying on the planets for guidance!

Meet astrologer Natasha Weber – a.k.a @AstroTash – she’s here to help you make sense of it all and is your very own Astrology Coach.

Astrology Coach is your new podcast to help make sense of what’s going on for you right now and every episode ends with a personalised tarot card reading! The tarot reading is a completely unique card, drawn randomly to help you think through the decisions (little or big) that you make every day.

The Queen of Cups might show up to shed light on a confusing relationship, or you might draw The Wheel of Fortune reminding you that after every low comes a high. Whatever card you draw, there’s a helpful takeaway to reframe your way of thinking.

Listen to this week’s forecast and your *personal* tarot reading below!

Astrology Coach: Never miss a forecast. New episodes every Monday and Friday.

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