Death At A Funeral is the comedic film that brought to life the chaos that can ensue when members of a dysfunctional family gather to bury a loved one, but we reckon Kyle’s family could put this movie to shame.

Kyle broadcasted the Kyle and Jackie O Show from our Brisbane studios on Thursday as he had to attend the funeral for his late grandmother, Cybil Sandilands, who passed away last week at the ripe age of 99.

And well according to Kyle, between the time that he clocked off the show and returned to Sydney for Friday’s show, it was complete and utter madness at the family function.

“The funeral was fine, a few shocking moments,” revealed Kyle during the show opener. “You don’t expect shocking moments at funerals.”

It all began when Kyle arrived at the funeral, a little late as usual, and headed inside the tiny crematorium to meet his family. Suddenly he got a call from his girlfriend Imogen, and this is when things started turning south.

“I’m running around and Imogen’s ringing, so I thought ‘Oh I’ll take this’”, explained Kyle. “And then people started coming in so I was like ‘Oh this looks bad so I’ll just duck behind the curtain’.

And what was behind the curtain? None other than his grandmother’s open casket!


“I was looking at her dead body,” continued Kyle, who appeared to still be in disbelief. “I couldn’t believe it.”

But that’s not all! Things just seemed to go from bad, to worse.

Watch the video above to find out what else went down during Kyle’s funeral fiasco! You’ll be wanting him to sign up his story to film production ASAP after this dramatic recall!

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