When I was a kid, two Weet-Bix, milk and sugar did the trick to get me through the morning. If I had of known that cookies and cream Weet-Bix was a possibility, it probably would have made getting up for school just a little bit easier.

TikToker Miranda Brady (this generation’s Leonardo da Vinci) is the mind behind this recipe and her video’s on TikTok have amassed over 1.8 million views.


@clean_treats Cookies & cream weetbix #weetabix #overnightweetabix #caloriedeficit #healthybreakfastinspo #breakfast #mealprep ♬ original sound – Miranda


Here’s how you can make it!


For starters grab some Weet-Bix (as much as you like, because that’s personal), almond milk, sweetener and some sugar-free drinking chocolate.

The cream part is made with vanilla yoghurt, vanilla protein powder and then a couple of Oreos to crumble into the mix.

On top of all this bliss there’s a ganache (yeah fancy right). So go on and grab some white chocolate and a little bit more almond milk!

Let that all set in the fridge and enjoy… it’s that simple!


@clean_treats Reply to @millyudy hope your as obsessed as i am 😋 #overnightweetabix #weetabix #healthybreakfastinspo #caloriedeficit #mealprepideas ♬ original sound – Miranda



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