We’ll admit that last night’s cocktail party on The Bachelor was pretty darn hectic with our intruders causing quite the stir, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t notice that something was missing!

One of the more memorable Bachelorettes from night one on Matt Agnew’s season, 23-year-old model Vakoo was not in attendance during the cocktail party or the rose ceremony!

You’ll remember that Vakoo brought her own her own red carpet as a makeshift runway to meet our Bachie and actually taught him how to strut! So it’s safe to say that when we didn’t see any blue steel last night we were a tad concerned.

Had Vakoo been kicked out of the mansion without us even knowing about it?!

Thankfully this wasn’t the case though and Vakoo is still searching for love with Matt Agnew!


The reason why the beauty wasn’t present at the all important rose ceremony was because she was actually bed-ridden! According to Now To Love, Vakoo had to skip the party because she had caught conjunctivitis.

It’s reported that this didn’t give her any disadvantage though, and Matt actually chose to give her a rose last night while the cameras weren’t rolling.

So looks like we can expect to see her back on screen when the episodes continue next week!

It’s a shame though. We would’ve LOVED to have heard her reactions to the new girls meeting the Bachie. She likely would’ve come out with some gold (like her initial reaction to Matt Agnew, which was ‘Bam, I’m pregnant!’)

The Bachelor continues Wednesday night at 7:30pm on channel 10.

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