As if dealing with cramped conditions, no air conditioning and late trains wasn’t enough, some Sydney commuters are being forced to stand while an elderly man insists on putting his feet up on the seat in front of him.

Angry travelers have posted several images over the past few years of the same man who not only has his feet on the seats, but TAKES OFF HIS SHOES as well!

In the latest incident recorded by an angry commuter, the elderly man is pictured taking up SIX seats during an early morning run, while his fellow passengers are left to simply stand and look on in disbelief.

In the image, posted on Reddit, he is shown reclining backwards with both feet on the chair in front of him, seemingly taking no notice of the people standing near him.

The same disgruntled commuter posted the photo to Twitter, complete with the caption: ‘When will someone stop this man from using and abusing public transport?’

Back in May, a woman posted a picture with the man in the background saying:’This guy decided to squish me this morning’.


And back in 2016, the man was oblivious to passengers around him and once again had his shoes off and his feet propped up on the chair in front.


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