We’re in a time where any new discovery is set to blow people’s minds, and it’s usually happening on TikTok.

The latest video to go viral or ‘blow up’ on the app has got us all shocked too.

Remember the viral blue or yellow dress? Or the Yanny versus Laurel debate? Well this new viral auditory illusion has hit the weekend, and all we can say is… just watch:

What word do you hear?



Watch it twice and try both words 🙌 #mindblown #greenneedle #brainstorm #greenneedleorbrainstorm

♬ Shoutout to the dead creators using this for likes – redlobsterz



Of course this debate is not new, and first went viral back in 2018. The creator of the above video, Emily Sophie, has said she has no idea why it’s gone viral again!

“I found the sound on TikTok, the video has actually been made thousands of times but for some reason mine went viral,” Sophie wrote. “When I heard it I [just] had to make the video and show everyone as it’s sooo strange!”

The video is currently sitting on 6.1 million views.

Oh – and by the way… apparently the toy is meant to be saying brainstorm….