“Ground control to Major Tom” just got a whole lot more real. Everyone’s favourite crazy movie star Tom Cruise is planning to film his next movie IN SPACE.

According to TMZ Cruise is currently in the process of making a deal with Universal Films Entertainment Group which would see him film his next movie onboard the International Space Station. Apparently Tom’s wanted to do this for years but it was put on hold during the pandemic.

International Space Center / Tom’s new crib

Looks like it’s not that far from happening either with Universal Chariman Donna Langley saying “I think Tom Cruise is taking us to space, he’s taking the world to space,” continuing “That’s the plan. We have a great project in development with Tom … Taking a rocket up to the Space Station and shooting.”

He’s also hoping to be the civilian/actor/non-astronaut-person to do a space walk BECAUSE HE’S INSANE! We’ll keep you updated so watch this space (pardon the pun).

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