We could’ve already told you that Noah Centineo would make the perfect boyfriend or that he was tailor made for us… And we bet that any girl with a pair of eyes out there would say the same.

But in the trailer for his latest project he proves that he can literally be everyone’s match as his character, Brooks Rattigan, takes on an app to help him earn some cash and help the ladies land a date.

The film is aptly titled ‘The Perfect Date’ and in it we meet the protagonist Brooks – a high school student with some big dreams for his love life and college options with just one thing missing; the cash to make it all come true.

And so when the opportunity arises for him to get paid to escort a girl, Celia Liberman, to a school dance, he not only accepts but comes up with a genius plan.

With the help of his friend Murph, Brooks creates ‘The Stand In’ app, which allows chicks to hire him to be their plus-one. T


hey can choose what he wears, how he acts and even what his personality is like specifically for the occasion.

But in typical rom-com fashion it’s not all smooth sailing and pretty quickly we see Brooks loose himself, especially when he finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with Celia and his dream girl, played by Riverdale’s Camila Mendes.

“I don’t know which version of myself I’m supposed to be,” Noah’s character says in the trailer. “It’s time to figure out who I am – and what I want.”

Check out the trailer and swoon over Noah Centineo in the video above!

‘The Perfect Date’ drops on Netflix on April 12!