Travis Barker is known for many things: being a drumming rock god in Blink-182, marrying into one of the most famous families on the planet, and being unable to control his public displays of affection. Something he isn’t as well known for is… his love of enemas.

An enema, for the uninitiated, is where you.. how do I say this politely… squirt water into your butt for some reason. Some say it has health benefits, other’s say “eww what? I’m not doing that”.

Travis is teaming up with ‘Liquid Death‘ to release the limited edition Enema kit, a nod to his band’s 1999 album Enema of the State no doubt, which you can order directly through the non-alcoholic beverage provider’s website. The kit comes with a black enema bulb and signed can of water for around $275 AUD. Check out the hilarious ad below!

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