Ariana Grande just released her latest album Sweetner just before the weekend and let’s be real it’s just simply pure fire!

But we’ll tell you what’s not so sweet? The fact that it’s only just been brought to light that we’ve been saying the pop star’s name WRONG this whole freaking time!

In an interview with Apple Music over the weekend to promote her new album, Ariana was asked about her engagement with SNL comedian Pete Davidson and whether she would take his name or keep her own when they eventually tie the knot.

Her answer was relatively normal when you ask a woman if she’ll take her husbands last name, saying that she would like to hyphenate to be Grande-Davidson. But what was interesting was the WAY that she said it!

“I have to keep Grande because my grandpa I think of him with everything I do and he was so proud of our name, so I should keep it,” said the No Tears Left To Cry singer.

Now the thing is, it’s hard to explain in text, so take a listen to the video above to see if you can hear the difference that we’re talking about.

While this whole time we thought Ariana’s last name was pronounced Gran-DAY it turns out that it’s actually Gran-DEE! And seriously we feel like our whole life is a lie right about now.



Of course it’s not uncommon for celebs to change their names, whether it be ever so slightly for the world of fame, but still we didn’t expect her to announce it so darn casually!

So just to clarify, the stars name is NOT pronounced like the Starbucks cup size…although we feel like we’re going to have to keep saying it this way to remain sane! And seeing as she’s never told anyone that they’ve been saying her name wrong, we reckon she’ll be okay with it.