Last week, we watched a reserved and selfconscious Vanessa Romito walk down the aisle on Married At First Sight.

Vanessa’s backstory detailed her battle with acne and her dwindling confidence. Her new hubby Chris was able to look past her insecurities and appreciate her for the woman she is. It was so sweet!

Vanessa may not have always loved her skin, but she definitely rocks her amazing body – and it is proven in this incredibly random video that has risen to the surface thanks to a MAFS fan group.

Described as a ‘social media promo for Perth 2019 summer series’, it features the new bride in a series of different bikinis. She takes a dip in the water, lays down on rocks. You know, just a casual day.

It’s not the most high-quality video in the world, but we’re happy to see her flaunting what she’s got. Let’s hope she can find that spirit during the experiment!

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