We’re falling head first into 2021 with no sign of stopping so it’s time to cast our eyes upon the upcoming MAFS season.

With a hot new sex-pert and a fresh new cast, I’m feeling very optimistic about the next season.

According to @MAFSfunny, some genius has managed to stalk down some of the contestants set to be on the show and they’re not exactly your ‘everyday’ people.

The trailer was released a month or so back and SOMEHOW, honestly don’t ask how because the internet is a scary place, someone managed to identify the following stars.

The most exciting of which is Booka Nile who is part of a popular Aussie metal band called ‘Make Them Suffer’ who has a strong following already.


Jake Edwards is an upcoming AFL star and then we have Bryce Ruthven (Canberra radio host) and Georgia Fairweather who hosts a web channel and is a bikini model.

Johnny Balbuziente is a Brisbane based theatre actor and Connie Stedman, known as Coco, is a fitness influencer!

So here’s the thing… they’re all doing interesting stuff but they’re not ‘celebrities’ yet, so I guess they’re just interesting regular people!

Which is what the show is about, so consider me KEEN.



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