The Amazing Race Australia kicks off on Monday, but the rules look a little different this time around.

On top of the normal Roadblock, Detour, U-Turn, Fast Forward & Intersection, the winning team of a non-elimination leg will bag two huge advantages:

  1. They do not have to compete in the next leg. I mean, WTF. Instead, the team will earn a First Class Pass, which includes a luxury experience of some kind, while the other teams continue to race.
  2. Afterwards, they’ll then wait at the Pit Stop for the other teams to arrive, where they’ll get to choose to Salvage one and Sabotage the other.

Salvage: One team is given some kind of advantage, such as a personal driver for the next leg, extra cash or perhaps they’ll get the heads-up on what the Roadblock challenge is before choosing who attempts it.

Sabotage: Yeah, you don’t want this one. One team is given a setback such as team members have to be blindfolded, tied together or barefoot… or lose all their money.

Then there’s this thing called a T-Junction.

Once during the race, all competitors are split into two big teams, which will be decided by the first team to reach the T-Junction board. They’ll select their super-team and the remaining will form the second. The entire race day is spent in these two groups. Whichever group checks in second at the Pit Stop, will choose to eliminate a team from their group themselves.


I’m already exhausted.

The whole thing starts this Monday at 7.30pm 10 and 10Play.



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