Good lord, maybe the contestants are going to try to be spicy for the sake of being spicy, or maybe this really did happen.

But apparently Married At First Sight 2021 has a twist coming this season, where a contestant tries to pick up the NEW SEXOLOGIST JUDGE!

The new judge, Alessandra Rampolla is 46 and has travelled all the way from Puerto Rica to be part of Aussie MAFS which has taken the world by storm!

According to the Daily Mail, one male contestant literally drops his bride and confesses his love for Rampolla during an episode and IF god is good, she strikes him down from her golden throne, he dies a tragic death whilst his scorned bride laughs and rides into the sunset with the sexologist.

But if that doesn’t happen then…. eh?

According to the publication, Alessandra is said to call the contestants choices ‘completely disrespectful’ and tells the sleezy old mate to ‘pull his head in.’

Who do we think it is?


MAFS starts on February 22nd on Channel 9.