Boy George has been a mainstay on Aussie screens for the past four years since he appeared as a coach on the 2016 season of The Voice.

However, with The Voice switching from Channel Nine to rivals Channel Seven, we now know that the British pop star won’t be returning to judge and coach our aspiring singers.

Boy George told in an interview that he would have returned to the next season of The Voice, but was not asked back at the show’s new home.

“I would go back, but I also understand the way these shows work,” Boy George told

“It needs to restructure itself to stay interesting.”

While the show’s other coaches refused to comment on whether or not they would be returning to the show, the flamboyant singer didn’t hold back.

The singer responded to a now-deleted tweet asking whether he would return to Channel Seven’s version of The Voice by saying “They can’t afford me darling!”


“Well, the papers were saying they dumped me – but they didn’t dump me because I was a B-lister, they dumped me because I was too expensive,” the singer continued.

Some of the coaches that have so far been linked to to the 2021 season of the show include Tones and I, Mariah Carey, Troye Sivan, Jessica Mauboy and Lorde.

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