Woah boy, either the promo department at Channel 9 is on fire or we are about to hit the ground running with the very first Married At First Sight dinner party.

It was totally worth staying right to the end of last night’s ep for a teaser that has done nothing but chum the waters.

From what we can work out, the hen’s night pact the ladies had of “no bangin’ others’ husbands (and wives?)” looks like it might have slipped collective minds.

Firstly, Tash seems to waste no time getting flirty with both Natasha and Hayley.

“A marriage unravels before your very eyes,” the voiceover promises says, while Amanda looks like she’s about to self-destruct.

“If this means nothing to you,” she says to the camera and gesturing to her wedding band, “See ya later.”

Then, David looks like he arrives without Hayley, but when she does show up, she appears to get well amongst the drama.


Welcome back MAFS, we’ve missed you.


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The dinner parties are back, tonight 7.30pm! #MAFS

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