Well pour us a stiff drink because oh boy do we need it after what we just witnessed.

We’re talking MAFS people and literally we don’t even know how to describe what we just watched.

Actually, scratch that, we do. That has got to be the most messed up, psychopathic, insane and downright atroscious dinner party that Married At First Sight has ever seen.

We’re talking, this makes the red wine gate with Martha and Cyrell look like child’s play.

So anyway, let’s try to unpack it shall we?

So basically tonight’s episode kicked off with the whole Hayley/Michael/Stacey/David cheating drama before leading into the, *dun dun dun* toilet toothbrush scandal!

The infamous toothbrush scandal that we all knew about before the show even started airing finally came to light on the show and it starts in a way we didn’t really expect.


Hayley actually knows about it. While we assumed that maybe this was something that wouldn’t be brought to her attention until the reunion episode, Hayley actually tells the camera while getting ready for the dinner party that she knows what happened.

She knows that her husband, David, took her toothbrush and swirled it around the toilet bowl before putting it back for her to use. Yep, vomit. Apparently it was Mischel who told her about it.

Anyway, so Hayley decides that there’s no way she’s going to let David get away with this (and damn right she shouldn’t) so she grabs the toothbrush as evidence, wraps it up in paper towel and shoves it in her purse to bring with her to the dinner party. Yikes, this can’t end well.

Fast forward to the dinner party, and everyone’s sitting around the table debating the whole cheating scandal once again, because surprise surprise, Michael won’t admit that he actually did anything with Hayley.

Stacey basically defends her husband, despite the fact that he’s a little cheating ratbag and starts hammering Hayley, until the point where Hayley is literally in tears. It’s pretty darn brutal and no one else really knows what to do.

After copping a lot of heat for the cheating scandal, Hayley is even more fired up than before and we can practically see the flames in her eyes and smoke coming out of her ears.


So when she overhears her so-called husband David trying to give the couple sent from the heavens, Josh and Cathy, relationship advice, she loses her cool and decides now is the time to make her move.

Hayley jumps up and shouts at the group, “What about how David put my toothbrush in the toilet” and then like magic pulls the toothbrush out the side of her jumpsuit and waves it in the air.

Before we know it, things are escalating quickly. Hayley throws, we repeat THROWS the toothbrush across the table, which is very satisfying when it hits David’s head and then calls him a “dog”. If only she’d gone the full monty like Monique on the Bachelor, if ya know what we mean…

Hayley then declares that she’s got MORE evidence. (BOMBSHELL!) She’s actually got the video footage of Michael rubbing her toothbrush around the toilet on her phone. So of course she quickly whips that out too for the group to view.

While this is all happening the experts are practically beside themselves as they watch on and Mel is actually close to vomiting.

But the most surprising reaction? David literally couldn’t care less. He has absolutely no remorse!


In fact, he doesn’t stick around long after that and decides to just walk out of the dinner party without so much as a “I’m sorry”.

He also has the nerve to say to the camera, “I’ve been nothing but a gentleman through the experiment”. Umm, kay hun whatever you say…

Seriously, this is beyond messed up and we don’t know how the show could really get any lower than it has tonight.

No doubt things are going to be interesting when the group regathers at the commitment ceremony on Sunday night.

Make sure you’re tuning in from 7PM on Channel Nine.

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