It’s no secret that Jerry Seinfeld has done well for himself, but we had no idea that he is still doing this well!

Seinfeld (aka the greatest TV show of the 90’s… keep your complaint letters to yourselves, Friends fans) finished up over two decades ago, but thanks to a clever contract, Jerry is still earning some huge residuals each year.

Others still topping the earning list from 90’s shows are the cast of Friends and Ray Romano, who still pockets $18 million per year from Everybody Loves Raymond.

But exactly how much is Jerry still cashing out from Seinfeld every year? Hint: It’s a LOT of boxes of cereal!

Mr Seinfeld earns $90 Million per year… and the show ended 22 years ago!

Other 90’s sitcom fave, Friends, generates $1Billion per year for Warner Brothers and each of the principal 6 friends pocket $20mil per year… still!