The world of reality TV was left DEVASTATED last night. We’re talking more devastated than the time that the Honey Badger chose no one at the end of The Bachelor.

Last night saw the King of the Jungle, Luke Toki voted out of Survivor Australia, just one night before the finale episode.

It’s fair to say based on the reactions on Twitter alone that the entire nation was either sobbing or ready to riot.


Of course, this wasn’t the loveable father’s first attempt at becoming the sole survivor, having also appeared on the last season of Australian Survivor.

The reason being that he could really use the $500K cash prize in order to support his family, as he has two songs on the autism spectrum and one baby girl with cystic fibrosis.


Of course, Luke won’t be leaving empty handed as some dedicated fans have created a GoFundMe account for the survivor champion that has already soared above $50K, but of course we all want to know, would Luke ever try for round three?

When asked whether he would consider playing the game once again if the show was to bring back some all-stars,  he’s not ruling it out!

“I’m just enjoying the ride for what it is now, I’m not chasing big dreams after this I’m just enjoying this show now and I guess just spend some time with my family and reassess what I want to do from here,” Luke told us.

“You know, you might see me down the track for round three again,” he added.


Umm, YESSSS!! Do it Luke!

Luke told us that a third season certainly wasn’t a sure thing for him and he’d have to really think about it before saying yes.

“Yeah I have to reassess it like where I’m at and stuff, like I would never say no to something,” Luke continued.

No matter what his next move is, we certainly hope this isn’t the last we see of Luke!


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