When it comes to reality TV shows we know that participants are always locked into pretty tight contracts with some strict rules and regulations that they must follow.

A lot of the time, one of these rules is that producers have some sort of control over the participants social media and can keep an eye on who they’re talking to online and what they’re saying.

But what we didn’t know is that in the case of Channel Nine’s hit reality show Married AT First Sight, they actually take complete control over the participant’s mobile phones.

Hayley Vernon from this season of the show revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that they’re actually given production phones from Channel Nine for the duration of filming and these phones are heavily monitored.


In fact, Hayley told us that each week they have to hand in their phones to producers and the content on their phones are downloaded.

She explained that this is how producers found out that David had filmed putting her toothbrush in the toilet.


“He filmed it on his phone so no producers knew,” Jackie said to Haley. But Hayley said this wasn’t exactly correct.

“No he filmed it on his production phone,” Hayley revealed.

“So Channel Nine gives us production phones and every week we hand them in, the material from the production phone gets uploaded to Channel Nine and they choose what content they want to use off it,” she continued.

Unfortunately by the time that producers found the video of David’s repulsive act, it was too late and Hayley had already been using the toothbrush for a number of days.

“I used it for about four days, which is disgusting but I’ve got new veneers now so hopefully I’ll get a Colgate endorsement out of it,” she joked.

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