As of yet we haven’t seen much interaction between Hayley Vernon and Stacey Hampton on Married At First Sight, but by the looks of things we can expect some sort of blow up in the future because these two certainly aren’t friends…

Amid rumours that the two brides have some sort of big fight during filming, Hayley has sparked a feud with the blonde bombshell off-screen, basically claiming that Stacey is a gold digger.

Speaking with New Idea, the 32-year-old body builder claimed that Stacey only stayed in the experiment because of her husband Michael’s money.

“Stacey hates me,” Hayley told the publication. “Throughout the whole show you guys will definitely see that.

“I can’t stand her,” Hayley continued. “It wasn’t until she found out Michael had money that she wanted to be with him.”

Michael is a successful businessman and runs one of the largest ice manufacturing and packaging companies in South Australia.


During their wedding, it seemed as though Stacey was not attracted to Michael at all until her friends found out that he runs a family business and has money.

At the time, Stacey slammed Channel Nine for the editing, claiming that they made her look like a “gold digger” for the sake of making the most dramatic narrative as possible.

Hayley on the other hand seems to think that Stacey is being completely fake at the moment and her true colours will come out in episodes to come.

“I think she tried very hard to have this certain image of herself and I think that house of cards is going to come crumbling down,” Hayley continued to tell the publication.

This comes amid even more shocking claims that suggest Hayley actually cheated on her on-screen husband David with Michael.


Fellow MAFS bride Vanessa also told New Idea that Hayley and Michael definitely got together and claimed they “hooked up multiple times”.

“I swear on my life Hayley and Michael hooked up,” she claimed to the publication. “It definitely happened.”

By the looks of things there is a LOT yet to happen between these couples… We’ll certainly be tuning in to see what actually makes it to air!

Married At First Sight airs Sundays at 7pm and Monday-Wednesday from 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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