Even though he hasn’t been on the show for a few weeks, David Cannon is still feeling the impact of his time on Married At First Sight. 

Unfortunately, David’s time on the TV phenomenon wasn’t very pleasant with his relationship with Hayley Vernon being one of the most controversial we’ve ever witnessed. The pair parted ways and left the show a few weeks ago, however Cannon still seems to be top of mind for some viewers and is copping online abuse.

And this weekend, he took it into his own hands.

In an Instagram video on Saturday, Cannon shared his disgust over what he was receiving.

“I am sitting here minding my own business and I got another abusive message. It wasn’t the worst message I have gotten but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said, “I’ve had a bloody enough.”

The ex-participant went on to post examples of the messages he had received on his Instagram stories for people to see. He also pointed out his fellow cast members have it even worse.

At the end of the video, Cannon called out an individual and the company she works for, saying if we ‘give her some stick, maybe we can teach her a lesson’.


Later on Saturday, Cannon revealed that the message had been received with many apologies coming through and a business asking him to remove one of the screenshots.

“Think twice before you start sending me abuse,” he said.

We can all have opinions about what happens on the show but it is never okay to send abuse to others. The participants are people too!



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