Every single year the rumour mill begins churning about reality TV show The Bachelor and Matt Agnew’s season was certainly no different.

Before the show came to an end last night as Matt declared his love for Chelsie, there were numerous rumours surrounding who Matt would pick and what sort of drama could happen at the end.

From rumours that Helena was the for sure winner (before she was sent packing just before the finale obviously), to rumours that Matt would pull a Blake Garvey and backflip on his chosen girl, it turns out that none of them were actually true.

So then how did the rumours come about? Well it seems that it wasn’t just some creative license from the media in this case! Nope, Matt admitted to Kyle and Jackie O that he was DELIBERATELY stirring up gossip to mess with us all!

“There’s a lot of rumours that go around when you do a show like that,” Jackie said. “Dp you find it amusing? Are you guys looking on the Daily Mail everyday to see what they’re saying?”

“Sometimes. I mean it can get exhausting,” Matt explained.

It seems that Matt got so sick of people discussing various rumours that instead of denying them, he chose to actually add fuel to the fire and have a bit of fun.


Remember when that story came out that Matt would definitely choose Helena in the end because he kept posting photos on Instagram in Western Australia? i.e Helena’s home town.

Well it turns out that this was actually Matt trying to throw us off the scent!

“Every now and then you’ll read one and you do get a bit of a chuckle. I was kind of messing around with my locations on my Instagram posts,” Matt admitted.

“I’d get a chuckle, I’d post one somewhere and about six or seven articles would spin out. I was like, ‘Really? Slow news day’. So it was kind of fun playing around with it a bit.”


Cheeky Matt! Although it wasn’t all fun and games. Eventually all of the rumours did take a toll on our Bachie.

“Every now and then, stuff when it’s constantly trying to destabilise the relationship by breakups or I’ve picked someone and I’ve dumped them, or she’s dumped me,” he continued.

“I mean you know it’s all rubbish but it’s just kind of, it gets to you a bit I think.”

But luckily the most important rumour turned out to be completely false! Matt and Chelsie are DEFINITELY still together and we couldn’t be happier!


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