We live in a world where whenever someone says the words “baby shark” basically everyone would respond with “ doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo” thanks to one viral song.

And now that song is about to get it’s on animated TV show!

Nickelodeon has just announced that they are doing to bring the world of Baby Shark to life with a new animated preschool series called ‘Baby Shark’s Big Show!’ based on the world-famous pop culture phenomenon.

The series is set to follow Baby Shark and his best friend William as they journey on fun-filled comedic adventures in their underwater community of Carnivore Cove.

And guess what? It’s going to be a singing show, meaning that there’s more catchy songs like the OG Baby Shark on the way.

Yep, prepare yourselves parents because if they’re anything like ‘Baby Shark’ these are going to be stuck in your head for what feels like forever.

Baby Shark’s Big Show! will debut this December with a holiday special. While we wait for that, Nick Jr. will play a ‘Baby Shark Week’ special from Monday July 13 with Baby Shark shorts and music videos playing each morning from 9am.


Baby Shark first launched on Youtube in November 2015 and took the world by storm with a whopping 5.7 billion views, making it the second most-watched video in the platform’s history.

And no doubt the song is completely stuck in your head right now… Sorry about that!