Well here’s a Bachelor twist that no one really expected… And just FYI there are potentially lots of SPOILERS ahead so if you don’t want to ruin the show for yourself DIVERT YOUR EYES NOW!

For everyone else, go forth with caution because this rumour is a doozy!

While we’ve all been over here talking about reports that our Bachelor Matt Agnew may pull a ‘Blake Garvey’ and dump his winner for the runner up, there’s now new reports that this isn’t actually how it goes down at all…

The latest rumour is that fan favourite Chelsie McLeod wins the final rose during the finale episode on Thursday but that she is the one who has doubts.

In fact, a source has reportedly told New Idea that Chelsie might actually break up with Matt after she reportedly refused to play by the Bachelor rules and do any press with the astrophysicist.


“Chelsie has been really down since the show wrapped and now she has said she isn’t going to do any interviews,” a source reportedly told New Idea. “She doesn’t want anything to do with the franchise anymore, despite being under contractual obligations for months to come.”

The source continued to say that things weren’t happily ever after for Chelsie and Matt after he gave her the final rose and that they’ve been butting heads ever since.

“Since the finale, everyone has heard there’s been problem after problem – they were just not seeing eye-to-eye on anything and didn’t have any chemistry,” the source continued. “Once the cameras stopped rolling, the sparkle just wore off.”

A spicy addition to the rumour is that after things fall apart with Chelsie, this season’s villain Abbie Chatfield reaches out to Matt and actually flies to Melbourne to see him.


This also comes after Matt began to tell everyone that he did end up with someone, but didn’t explicitly say that this person was the winner of the show.

“Abbie went to Melbourne after the finale [finished filming] and since then she has started to behave really strangely,” the insider dished. “She’s secretly confessed to the other girls that she has a man, but she keeps saying that while she wishes she could tell them more she just can’t.”

“Now everyone is wondering if the secret man is Matt.”

This is not the sort of thing that we want to hear heading into the finale week. After last year’s debacle with the Honey Badger we want something better. We DESERVE BETTER!


Please let this all be rumours and let this season finish smoothly!

The Bachelor finale week kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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