The celebrities that are participating in The Masked Singer have been kept under tight lock and key but it seems that one of the names has accidentally slipped out!

While 10 has been taking extreme measures to make sure the identities hidden behind each mask are kept secret, the network’s own Sarah Harris clearly didn’t get the memo.

During a quick moment on breakfast show Studio 10 this week it seemed as though Sarah revealed that co-host and entertainment reporter Angela Bishop appears on the new reality show.

The Studio 10 team had been talking about The Masked Singer and how you can play along at home with an official poster for the show when the awkward moment occurred.

“You can play along at home by guessing which celebrities are behind the mask,” Sarah said while showing the audience the poster.


“We’ll have to get the office sweep, but you won’t be able to enter Ange because…” she trailed off, while pointing to the Unicorn mask.

The camera panned to Angela Bishop, who looked just slightly uncomfortable as she said, “Why can’t I enter?”

“Well there’s a lot of talk about you being the old Unicorn,” Sarah added under her breath.

“I can enter [the office sweep]”,” Angela replied.

Guest host Jan Fran also chimed in saying, “You know too much!”


Now of course, we won’t really know for certain if Angela is the Unicorn or even one of the many other masks, but it certainly would make sense.

After all she’s already part of Network 10 and she can certainly sing as she’s a member of a staff band!

The Masked Singer premieres Monday September 23 at 7:30PM on Channel 10.