Well we’ve picked up right where we left off last night on Married at First Sight as we dive straight back into the cheating scandal that broke out between Hayley and Michael.

At the end of last night’s episode, Hayley’s onscreen husband told the camera that he’d heard whispers about some sort of wild night between Hayley and Michael where the pair were rumoured to have hooked up.


While David somehow found out about the cheating, Michael’s wife Stacey on the other hand was none-the-wiser having gone home to Adelaide to visit her two young boys.

To add salt to the wound, Michael had also promised Stacey that he would stop his party boy ways… But of course as soon as she left he was back out drinking and apparently not remaining faithful.

Tonight’s episode picks up with David saying that he felt it was only right that Stacey be informed about what was going on, so while she was still away he sent her a bunch of messages on Instagram letting her know just what her husband was up to back home.

Stacey tells us that she’s asked Michael to leave their apartment because she can’t stand to even look at him if this betrayal is true, but at the same time she’s left questioning whether the things David claims happened are actually true or not.


So what’s left for Stacey to do other than to go to Hayley and confront her about the incident.

Hayley is more than happy to speak with Stacey and tell her the truth about her night with Michael, and TBH what she says is pretty terrible on Michael’s part if they’re true.

Hayley claims that while Michael was supposed to be in a committed and happy relationship with Stacey, he was out with Hayley getting “drunk” and “out of control”.

She claims that Michael told her is David can’t give her what she needs, then he can give her what she needs before the pair shared a kiss.

“I feel sick,” is Stacey’s only real response to Hayley’s face. And we don’t blame her for feeling gobsmacked at the news of Michael’s betrayal. But later on when she’s alone in a piece-to-camera, she absolutely lets loose on Hayley.

“She is an absolute scumbag,” Stacey says about Hayley, while threatening that she “doesn’t know what’s coming” for her at the dinner party.


Stacey also doesn’t know whether to believe Hayley because she “has lied from day one”.

So with Stacey still left questioning what the truth actually is, she gets herself ready to go and confront Michael at the dinner party. Dude better prepare himself because things are about to get messy!

Although of course us viewers at home know that the rumours are in fact true, as Michael has already come out in the media and admitted to the drunken night with Hayley. There is even some leaked footage floating around from that night.

But will he own up to it in front of everyone at the dinner party? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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