We have been eagerly awaiting some epic reality-tv love to hit our screens and Channel Ten has finally given us something to swoon over.

The promo is an introduction on our new Bachie, Jimmy and now we’ve had exactly 1:25 to get to know him, we LOVE him!

As we know, Jimmy is a pilot (The Bachelor is being far from subtle about that) so he explains in his promo that he’s a routine, check-list kind of guy.

Okay so he’s organised, great attribute.

He also loves his family. Following in his parent’s footsteps who are madly, deeply in love, Jimmy wants a gal who he can bring home to his folks and be proud of. He says, “their opinion means everything to me”.

So he’s also family orientated and values his parent’s opinion…this Jimmy seems like a really nice guy.

We also get a teeny tiny glimpse into the show with a sneak peek of some ladies exiting the entrance limo with Jimmy admitting, “I’m doing backflips inside. I think I made the right decision coming here.”


Okay enough from us, have a look for yourself. We don’t know when it’s meant to air but it better be soon because we NEED soapy love!

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