Aussie journalist, Rachael Jones, will be competing in the upcoming reality show ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’, and the farmers have quite big shoes to fill…

Rachael’s ex is none other than film superstar Keanu Reeves who she had a three week fling with in 2001 whilst Reeves was in Sydney filming The Matrix.

Who is this woman and why is she my idol, what a name to write in the little black book!

She interviewed with The Daily Mail saying “I wasn’t planning to go out that night….I threw on an old denim dress and didn’t even have time to dry my hair or put on my make up….during the evening he just walked up to me and said: “Hi, I’m Keanu”.

Hmmm… I love this story but REALLY?

It sounds like the daydreams I imagine for myself on a really long car ride.

Jones has been pretty open about her relationship, publicly talking about how good the sex was etc.


Who knows how Keanu feels about that.

‘The relationship I’ve had with Keanu sounds blissful,’ she interviewed,

‘But the reality is it could never have been anything more than a fling. People like me just don’t live that sort of life permanently.

‘If only he had been a normal person, I think our relationship would have stood a chance, as there was something really special between us. But he lives in another world and it’s not one I can join him in.’

She’s going to be paired up with Farmer Nick on the upcoming series, I wonder how she’ll fair.