It’s almost upsetting by this point…

Messina’s been putting out some extraordinary cookie pies for a while now but to be honest this one takes the CAKE, excuse my dessert puns.

What they’ve dubbed the ‘Messinatella’, is the humble choc chip cookie pie STUFFED with warm, oozing handmade hazelnut spread and chocolate.

It’s actually so beautiful, you can’t look at it for too long… it’s too painful.

You can order them Monday, 8th June and you can pick it up between the 11th-14th June from any Messina stores in your area except The Star!

If you guys have ordered this before then you know what’s WHAT but if you haven’t then you should know, it’s a bake-it-yourself situation so that it’s freshly warm and filling your house with that warm cookie smell.


The whole pie is going for $20 and it’s perfect to fill our cold winter bellies. 

Check out the QLD location in South Brisbane.

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