What on earth did our little eye’s just spy on Instagram…? Was it? Yep it was! A blooming NAKED Josh Duhamel. Or should we say, Josh Duhaaayyyyyymmm-el because damn that bod.

Fergie’s ex-hubby has been away on a romantic holiday in Mexico with his girlfriend Eiza Gonzales, most likely to escape all of the gossip and spotlight surrounding their relatively new relationship. But boy, with an Insta post like that you’re not likely to stay out of the headlines.

28-year-old Gonzales had posted what she appeared to think was an innocent, body positive video to her Instagram account. But she actually ended up showing off a little more than we think she intended of 45-year-old boyfie Josh.

The actress could be seen in the video showing off her toned figure in a skimpy bikini with the caption, “Feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can take that away from you.”

But as Eiza showed off her own body in the big hotel mirror, moving the camera around slightly, another body appears in the reflection in the far corner of the room. And yep, it was Duhamel in nothing but his birthday suit.

According to People, Duhamel was seen in the footage getting undressed down to his skins before turning to the camera. Fortunately for him though, his uh, bits, were covered by a well-placed pot plant.

Fans were quick to notice Duhamel’s accidental cameo in the video and after Eiza started to notice the comments she deleted the video and reposted a cropped version.



So there’s a lesson for you peeps. Always, ALWAYS check before you post! You never know what could be lurking in the background of your Instagram.

We don’t think this little social media faux pas will dampen the mood on the couple’s romantic getaway though. The pair were spotted packing on the PDA just the day before at Muyil Lagoon.

Duhamel and Gonzales have been publicly dating for about a month after Duhamel and ex-wife Fergie called time on their 8-year marriage. Fergie and Duhamel share one child together, four-year-old son Axl Jack.

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