Louis Theroux might be one of the greatest documentarians of our time but the younger generations will forever know him as “the guy who did the jiggle jiggle rap on TikTok”.

He originally recorded the rap as part of his ‘Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends’ TV series but it wasn’t until earlier this year, during an episode of the YouTube series ‘Chicken Shop Date’, that it started to really take off. Thanks to the beauty of the internet and twisted minds of Duke & Jones, a remix of his rap completely took over TikTok. The audio has been used in over 2.6 MILLION TikTok videos so I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, if not, enjoy..


It’s even garnered the attention of the lord himself, well, a church choir. St John Voices have “covered” the famous rap in the style of an Anglican Chant. The video was recorded inside St. Johns College Chapel in Cambridge and has already been viewed over 2 millions times and collected over 353,000 ‘Likes’.

@stjohnsvoices We finished the psalter a little early this year, so we had to branch out…non tinnit pecunia mea #louistheroux #rap #jigglejiggle #choirtok ♬ original sound – stjohnsvoices


So yeah… that exists now.

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