It’s no secret that Bastille love doing covers — they have a mixtape series dedicated to them after all — so when they visited BBC Madia Vale Studios for Radio 1, they brought out the big guns when it was time to perform a cover. The English indie pop quartet gave their spin on Billie Eilish’s single “Bad Guy,” but that wasn’t all. Dan Smith and company incorporated a number of other songs into the cover as well, including their own “Bad Decisions,” Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” and late surf rock icon Dick Dale’s legendary instrumental track, “Miserlou.”

Watch the impressive performance above.

Aside from performing other people’s songs, Bastille recently released their third studio album Doom Days.

“It’s super happy stuff. It’s set over the course of a night out. Starting at ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ and ending with the song ‘Joy’ waking up on the kitchen floor at 8 in the morning during an apocalypse and I guess you can take the apocalypse to mean whatever feels relevant right now,” Smith explained during an iHeartRadio album release party in Los Angeles. “I think we felt like these are slightly strange times where there’s a lot of division and people are really having a proper conversation and there’s a lot of negativity out there. So it’s kind of important for us to just be very obvious with what we’re trying to say.”

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Article: Katrina Nattress