Anna Kendrick is about to make her aca-initiation into the directorial world. We know and love Anna as an A-list actress starring in Pitch PerfectUp In The Air, Trolls, and literally hundreds of other killer films.

Ms Kendrick is about to sit in the big black ‘DIRECTOR’ chair with a true crime thriller called ‘The Dating Game’. She’ll also produce and star in the film because she’s a total boss bitch and can do all the things all the time.

Based on the WILD true story of Cheryl Bradshaw who was a contestant on 70s hit TV matchmaking show ‘The Dating Game’. Cheryl chose ‘Bachelor Number One’, Rodney Alcala, as her man but he turned out to be A PSYCHOPATHIC SERIAL KILLER! No word on the full casting or release date yet, but I’m already keeeeen!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!