You may have or you may not have noticed but most of the contestants on Bachie in Paradise are wearing cute little gold necklaces with letter(s) on them!

I honestly put it down to fashion trends, name necklaces are back in a BIG WAY, but apparently they’re all there intentionally for a specific reason.

A production ‘insider’ revealed to Woman’s Day that the necklaces are there so the cast REMEMBER EACH OTHER’S NAMES?

I had a bit of a chuckle over that, because you’d think they know each other because they’re all part of the same show, but in hindsight OF COURSE it’d be impossible to remember everyones names at first.

Apparently “While some of the stars managed to keep relevant after their seasons, a lot faded into obscurity and some of them genuinely didn’t know who some of the others were,” the source told the publication.



Some are a bit more obscure, like Britt with her ‘bumble bee’ necklace.

There’s also been some comments online about how gross the mens necklaces on the show are.


The woven necklaces also aren’t exactly a fashion accessory but rather an option for the men to weave their microphones into.

It’s harder for the men to carry mics, especially when they’re in their swimmers.

You might have seen a few of them sporting a skin-toned waistband to tuck their mic pack into, alternatively the necklace works too!


There you go!

Interesting and pointless information, you’re welcome!

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