The Married At First Sight Reunion episode went down last night and boy oh boy was there some drama.

After Jono was exposed for texting fellow bride Ellie, the pair turned up to the dinner party together in a wild couple swap, shocking the group and his former bride Lauren.

The couple shoved their new romance in everyone’s faces and sh*t hit the fan at the dinner table when the pair launched a brutal attack on Lauren after she was visibly upset by the display.

Arriving with a new sense of confidence after stealing Lauren’s husband, Ellie showed her true colours by launching a nasty tirade on Lauren with one remark so bad it had to be bleeped out.


It’s now been exposed exactly what Ellie said and let’s just say she’s got a real nerve.

It all went down when Ellie said, in a real mean girl move, “Lauren? Lauren? Are you … hurt?”

“Of course I’m hurt!” Lauren screamed, explaining that during the show she was painted to be an ‘evil bitch who was cold’ but she always had a gut feeling about Jono’s intentions.

“But I felt in my gut something was off – and I was f**king right. I was painted in this picture by him that I’m this cold person – because I’m reactive and I use swear words … it’s like, that makes ME bad? It’s NEVER about what the other person does – it’s always about how I react.”


With the group in shock, Jono so insensitively took a brutal stab at Lauren, saying “You’re the nastiest person I’ve ever met in my life”.

Ellie then showed her true colours, in a remark so bad it had to be bleeped out, “I left the experiment in week five, you f**king b**ch!”

The group let out an audible gasp with our MAFS queen Lucinda appalled at what’s been said.

Ellie then looked at Lauren and cackled, “Bitch.”

The audacity!

If that didn’t fill your reality TV drama cup enough tonight’s finale episode is set to be more explosive than ever.


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