We shed a tear at the news that Terry Hansen would not be joining us on the airwaves when the team get back from holidays… 

But get ready for new laughs to come because the new man stepping up into the role is a cracker. 

Mike van Acker! Welcome!

The Brisbane born and bred stand up comedian has a number of strings to his bow. 

With over 20 years experience, van Acker is a well accomplished radio presenter, comedian and corporate compere.


Appearing all over the world on the international comedy circuit, Mike is well renowned for his infectious humour which has even seen him awarded Queensland Comedian of the Year.

You may even have heard him on the radio airwaves in the past on both FM and AM formats. 

Mike is a born & bred Brisbane local who known for his warm personality and life as a passionate dad.

In July 2018, Mike will return to radio to join the energetic Bianca Dye and radio legend Bob Gallagher for Breakfast on Brisbane’s #1 Station, 97.3FM.

When the announcement was made, we wanted to get to the nitty gritty of what makes Mike tick… so of course we had to ask the real important questions… Sort of… 

Watch the video below to see our introduction to Mike van Acker!

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