With general disappointment and distaste at the last season of MAFS still in the air, we’re ready for something new.

This isn’t what we want or need but it’s what we might just get.


The word on the street is that Channel 9 wants to do a MAFS All-Stars Season where old participants will be matched with ‘celebrities’.

Now… what exactly does ‘celebrities’ mean?

Because if they’re going to call their own ex-cast ‘celebrities’ then firstly – that’s a bit of a stretch, secondly… wait what, what’s the distinction between celebrities and past participants? 

We’re confused. 


Am I going to see Doctor Chris Brown matched with Stacey Hampton? 

Because… I’m actually not opposed to that level of absolute trash.

Some of the names floating around for a reappearance have been Nasser Sultan, Tracey Jewel and Mikey Pembroke and OF COURSE Mikey’s signing on… that boy is THIRSTY.

It all comes down to the meaning of that one word celebrities

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