When it comes to relationships, everyone has their deal breakers, but have you ever heard of a deal breaker that’s so petty?

One of our listeners, Sharon, called us this morning to tell us that she’d recently started dating a guy who had seemed perfect for her. They had tons in common and get along like a house on fire.

The only problem? He had the most disgusting feet she had ever seen! And as a result she made the decision to cut all ties with him.

“No word of a lie they were the ugliest feet I’ve ever seen. It was like they were falcon claws,” explained a distraught Sharon. “I just couldn’t handle it and I thought that’s the end of it.”

Listen to Sharon’s story in the video above as she explains the moment that she came to lay eyes on the most disgusting feet she’d ever seen and just why it was a deal breaker for her.

Do you have any crazy relationship deal breakers? Let us know in the comments!

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