I think we have found Pink’s youngest fan!

During Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour stop in Boston a pregnant concertgoer, Angela Mercer, was enjoying the show and trusted that she wouldn’t go into labour.

But Angela told eonline.com that during the show she started experiencing contractions and she knew she had to head to a hospital.

So her mother and sister-in-law sprung into action and left the venue.

Since the concert was so busy it was almost impossible for the group to find a ride to the hospital so they made the decision to walk an hour.

A statement from the hospital explained the ordeal, “With all the traffic surrounding Fenway for the concert, Angela had trouble finding a ride to the hospital, She and her family decided the fastest way to get to [the hospital] was to walk and so, decked out in their concert outfits, they made the trek to our hospital where Angela later delivered her son.”

In Pink’s honour Angela named her son “Aycen Hart” which is an allusion to Pink’s real name Alecia Beth Hart.


Angela told eonline.com “The doctors don’t have any major concerns, It’s amazing. He was so early, a lot of things could have gone wrong, so we’re in a good spot and just so happy.”

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