The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on the lookout for a ‘Senior Communications Officer’ according to an advert on the Royal Households websites.

I didn’t know there was a ‘careers’ tab for royalty but there you go!

The role is based in Kensington Palace so you can finally live your dream of flouncing around the hallways of the palace (when no one is looking of course.)

The Senior Communications Officer role involves leading “communication plans for Their Royal Highnesses’engagements and support on the delivery and communication of projects. The role will also involve responding to media enquiries on matters related to The Duke and Duchess and their family.”

Head here to read the full list of responsibilities.

You’ve got until 03/05/2021 to apply but if this sounds like a bit much for you, there’s a position as a Gardener at Windsor Castle too!!

Why do I find it so baffling that you can just… look at vacancies to work with the Royal Family.


I guess I just assumed it was a side door entry type thing but hey! Go live your dreams!

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