It’s weird to do this, but like, why the hell not? He looks like he SMELLS SO GOOD!

Apparently it’s common knowledge that Harry wears a Tom Ford cologne called Tobacco Vanille which is quite expensive so don’t go buying your boyfriend a bottle just yet…

Some super fans in the United States quickly figured out that Target US sold candles that toted the same scent and it has started a FRENZY!

The idea is to find anything that has VANILLA and TOBACCO in the flavour profile.

Here’s a Tobacco AND Vanilla candle available in Myer for a sweet $30.

Here’s a slightly more up scale smokey Tobacco candle with hints of sweet Vanilla and Malt which also sounds delightful for $51.


You can also check out AMAZON for candles that are between $30-$40.

You’re welcome!

You can buy these, enjoy the smell, fantasise about getting a hug from Harry Styles and no one needs to be the wiser…

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