Ever heard of a Raincheck?

How about at the grocery store? No? Well, this will change everything.

Coles offer a service called Rainchecks. Is the sale item you want sold out? No worries, go up to a staff member and ask for a Raincheck. They’ll write you a slip with the sale price so when it’s in stock again (even if it’s no longer on sale), you will get it at the sale price you missed. Unfortunately the service is not offered online, however a quick trip to the shops could save you loads.

It’s that easy! Woolworths use to off the service up until a month ago when they ended the service after years.

The service has been around for many many years, however not many people were aware of it. The shopping hack resurfaced after a TikTok went viral, so thanks to @raskinvest for the hot tip!


@raskinvest @Queenie Tan shares a savings hack for when you’re shopping at Coles – have you ever tried this? #raincheck #coles #investwithqueenie ♬ original sound – Rask Invest

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