“If you say Pat Monahan, people will go ‘never heard of him’. And then you go, ‘do you know who Train is?’ and they’ll say ‘I think so, but I don’t know their music’. And then you sing them 15 songs that have been on the radio and they’re like ‘oh my god, I didn’t know that was them’.”

If this story sums you up, let us remind you of some songs and why Train has to be one of our favourite bands.

Think Drops Of Jupiter. Calling All Angels. Hey, Soul Sister. Drive By. Play That Song.

We’re guessing you could sing all of these songs word for word.

So when we learned that Train was coming to Brisbane, we were more than a little excited.

Especially after hearing this interview between our very own Louise Poole and Pat Monahan from the band.

Listen below as he explains what it’s like to be the group that people don’t necessarily know… and yet love.


You can see Train perform at the Tivoli in Brisbane on July 31.

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