If there’s anything we know about love island’s most vocal and self proclaimed most hilarious contestant Erin it’s that she’s very protective of her man.

And she’s not afraid to hide the fact that she’s a bit of a stage five clinger either. She’s loud and proud about it, basically saying that wrath and fury will rain on anyone who goes near her man.

But before she was deeply in love and obsessing over hunky prison guard Eden over in Spain, apparently Erin was obsessively trying to hit up another man. And a famous man at that!


Jackie told us in her O News segment that before she was on the show, Erin had been constantly messaging a certain actor on Instagram, apparently telling him that she wanted to hook up with him.

“She’s obsessed with a guy from The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus,” explained Jackie. In case you’re unsure, Norman Reedus is an American actor behind the guy Daryl Dicon on The Walking Dead who’s pretty rugged around the edges with long, dark hair and facial hair. Pretty much the polar opposite of her partner Eden on the show who’s pretty clean cut with his short, blonde hair.


“So she hit him up on Instagram, inboxed him, and she’d always comment on his photos and hope he’d pay her attention and she’d say sexual stuff like ‘I’d let you do real bad sexual things to me, I’d lick you everywhere’,” continued Jackie.

Uh oh, we reckon Eden wouldn’t be happy if he knew about this intense crush! We can just imagine him screaming, ‘Not my pumpkin pie’ if he found out! But luckily we doubt Eden has anything to worry about and nothing will ever come from the crush because apparently Norman Reedus would never reply back to Erin’s sexual advances.

“She got really offended because she’d be saying all these dirty things to him and she’d see that he’d reply to other girls but never to her,” said Jackie.

But while Erin may have been a bit miffed that her favourite actor blatantly ignored her, it hasn’t made her love him any less. In fact, she apparently said that she’s so obsessed with him that she should be locked away!

“She said she would 100% go there with him and she should be put away with how sick her obsession is with this guy,” concluded Jackie.


Wow, so it’s not just Eden’s charm that’s brought out Erin’s obsessive nature. It seems that she gets that way about ALL the guys she’s been attracted to. We wonder what would happen if a Norman Reeds lookalike were to enter the villa at this point?